METRO1020.COM is your solution to bridge the gap between local search and social media. Our mission is to create a forum for consumers, local businesses and everyone else to communicate not only WHERE THEY ARE but where they want to go.

The 1020 acronym is based on tencode, an old CB radio communication system, also used by law enforcement. 1020 is the code to let people know WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED. It is a system that is simple and effective and allows for the quickest form of communication. This is the idea behind METRO1020.com, a simple and quick method of getting information about where you want to go.

METRO1020.com provides information about businesses, restaurants, hotels and more, all at the click of a mouse. METRO1020 allows users to gain access to driving directions, phone numbers, websites, customer reviews and much more. METRO1020.com is the innovative creation of Exceleractive Media and will reinvent local search.

Our company is based in Venice Beach, California.